HeartMath® and Healing HealthCare Systems® Announce Alliance

HeartMath® and Healing HealthCare Systems® announce a strategic alliance designed to reduce stress and enhance the care experience for patients and staff in hospitals

Boulder Creek, California – September 30, 2013 – HeartMath® and Healing HealthCare Systems® are announcing a new strategic alliance that will provide educational content and resources within healthcare organizations for staff, patients and their families. The content is a blending of the two organizations’ methodologies designed to both reduce stress as well as enhance the healing environment within healthcare organizations for the benefit of both patients and staff. Screenshot 2014-03-12 14.06.19“This partnership emerged from our shared mission to improve the human condition in hospitals and model heart-centered living,” said Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., President and CEO, Healing HealthCare Systems. “By collaborating and blending each other’s services, we hope to create more heart-based, caring hospital systems worldwide.” Since 1995 HeartMath has assisted healthcare organizations by strategically aligning with key objectives that grow the bottom-line and help foster individuals and teams to be more balanced and effective. Their programs facilitate hospitals by improving patient and staff satisfaction, increasing staff retention, reducing claim costs, and increasing staff performance. Healthcare clients say the HeartMath approach brings out the innate care within people – a vital component for organizations that are about providing a supportive and healing environment for patients. Many are disheartened by the current U.S. healthcare system, which can seem broken as the emphasis can often appear to be less about care and more about profits. Some say the system is causing people added stress which is contradictory to healing. Yet there are some healthcare organizations taking heed and making the “care” aspect of healthcare a priority once again. Robert Browning, one of the Directors of HeartMath Healthcare commented on the vision behind this new alliance, “HeartMath and Healing HealthCare Systems share in the mission of providing education and methods that will increase care for the caregivers, the patients and their families. The healing process is a shared experience that can be better supported when patients experience less stress and are compassionately supported by the people and the environment around them. We see our combined and specialized approaches increasing the care and effectiveness within healthcare organizations – as well as contributing to a larger purpose of creating a more heart-based world.” More than 20 years ago HeartMath embarked on an area of research that today is seen as a gold standard for reducing stress while increasing emotional resilience. Their research focus on heart rate variability (HRV) and heart coherence has resulted in numerous published studies and has significantly contributed to the scientific understanding of the heart’s role in our emotional experiences. This research serves as the foundation of their healthcare programs and is what makes their programs effective. Their research demonstrates how emotions and the heart play a central role in transforming stress and disorder to an inner state of physical, mental and emotional balance and resilience. Using specialized techniques and HRV technologies, individuals learn to shift their heart rhythms to a coherent, synchronized pattern. This creates a beneficial shift (heart coherence) at a personal level which for patients means more of their energy can go towards healing rather than being drained by stress. For healthcare teams it means healthier attitudes in the workplace that drive positive organizational outcomes required to thrive in today’s healthcare world. Healing HealthCare Systems brings a distinct and vivid platform to this alliance that will assist in delivering the HeartMath education for hospital staff, patients and their families. Healing HealthCare Systems founded the widely-used C.A.R.E. Channel, known for its environmental programming for patient television. Healing HealthCare Systems is the industry’s leading producer of patient relaxation television programming specifically designed for hospitals. The C.A.R.E Channel enhances the healing environment right at the patient bedside as their programming delivers stunning nature imagery and original instrumental music in both day/night formats so patients can receive continuous benefit during their hospital stay. Their channel is currently broadcasting across the country in over 700 hospitals, hospices, and long-term care providers. Constantly improving on their programs, Healing HealthCare Systems is always developing new content based on the latest research and advanced technologies. This is in part, what drew them to the researched based programs offered by HeartMath. In addition to innovative workshops, this new alliance will also deliver HeartMath education and training through the C.A.R.E. Channel. Both companies see the combination enhancing the patient experience. Patients will learn simple methods to minimize emotional stress as they navigate through their healing process. The education will be visually peaceful, comforting and uplifting and will be blended with effective methods and techniques to help patients’ self-sooth and experience more ease while they are healing. The alliance will also provide staff programs to assist hospitals and care centers to better care for their caregivers which will enhance the overall healing environment. It may feel at times as though the U.S. healthcare system has gotten off track, yet collaborations like HeartMath and Healing Healthcare Systems remind us that “care” can be a focal point while still keeping a healthy bottom-line.

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