HeartMath adds new member to its line of technology

HeartMath adds new member to its line of technologyAn estimated 10,000 healthcare professionals around the country are helping their patients reduce stress and gain coherence over their physical state of being by using HeartMath's emWave software and personal stress relieving devices.

Now, the company has come out with the emWave2, which allows users to store their coherence data, more easily visualize their physiological changes and use interactive applications to customize the device.

The emWave2 lets users store and review the information from past sessions, allowing them to compare current readings as well as track their progress. Additionally, the information can be printed so that individuals can share their health data with their doctors.

A new game may motivate people to pick up the device time and again. First, it shows the operator a black and white landscape scene, which slowly changes to color as stress melts away.

The My Inspiration feature lets users download their own music and photos to the device, while the Coherence Coach provides guidance on stress relief.

The new addition to the HeartMath line of technology is an example of what sets the company's products apart from other wellness products: a focus on interactiveness and the alignment between body and mind.

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