Healthy workers may contribute to a better company

Healthy workers may contribute to a better companyNebraska company NEBCO is learning the importance of corporate wellness programs. Local news source Journal Star reports that since the company joined WorkWell, a group that surveys employees to determine how healthy they are, it is seeing the benefits of programs that ensure a staff well-being. Programs that encourage weight loss, the surveys showed, proved particularly valuable.

WorkWell's Lisa Henning claims data shows that businesses earn $3 to $6 for every dollar spent on employee wellness, according to the news provider. Surveys completed between 2006 and 2010 indicate that healthy workers save companies money on healthcare spending.

The Star reported that in the five years that the company has been surveyed, there have been many improvements in overall employee health, including weight loss and increased physical activity. This is not only good for the workers, but also for the company's bottom line.

“We spend so much time providing for employee retirement,” NEBCO CEO Jim Able told the Star. “I want them to be well enough that they can enjoy it.”

According to the CDC,well-designed corporate wellness programs have the potential to extend beyond the work site and positively influence employees' spouses and children, which may further reduce an organization's healthcare costs.

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