Angie Bull Shares her Experience as a HeartMath Coach

Listen to Angie Bull’s personal story about the bonus she experienced from sharing HeartMath® techniques with her coaching clients.




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  • g3niuZ

    The feedback-mechanism from the inner balance sensor for the IPhone is not matured. You get 3 sounds, which you cant clear distinguish for low, mid and high coherence. This makes it for the patient strenuously to train and the unconscious mind cant anchor well. My girlfriend, my mum and friends get this sensor from me and i told them to train some minutes.

    Everyone has always to look on the screen for many minutes and concentrate on the tones. After some minutes they get bored and stressed, cause the feedback is like i told, strenuously.

    HRV Training with an EEG like the Nexus 10 from Mind Media or other EEGs are much more easy and effektiv. Cause you can adjust the feedback with positiv signals, like Music and so on.

    You dont get any feedback, if you are in low coherence … so it dont disturb. You only get feedback, if you raise coherence. This is a core aspect of feedback-training.

    Also the point, that the brain goes in low coherence, cause of a believe system and think it serves the survival of the person. Which means that low coherence has a positiv function to handle trauma. Cause at this moment, you dont want to open the trauma. In focusing on positiv emotions in this moment dont resolve the trauma, it only overlie .. so you dont get a deep state of consciousness to handle with the situation.

    The trick is, that the sysstem has gradually to learn, that a high coherence state in this situation is also helping to keep the person alive.
    Therefore it is important to train “in the situation”. If you train outside the situation, you will again go back in low coherence in the situation, cause it is a conditioning and a believesystem.

    Just shut off feedback sound on low coherence and put better feedback signals in the training. Noone wants to look for minutes on a boring color on the handy. And also it is important, that the person learns an anchor through a music, picture and so on, if he goes in better coherence, so he can use the music or picture in the situation, if he dont have biofeedback system carrying with him.

    For my experience, the feedback system of the inner balance for Iphone is rudimentary and immature at this point. But the idea for portable HRV-Training is great.

    • jseavers

      Hi g3niuZ,

      Thank you for your comments; we’re sorry to hear you and the people you practiced with found the Inner Balance system strenuous. You are right that the system initially will require you to focus on the screen and for some that can become strenuous, while it’s of course not meant to do that. The idea behind the Inner Balance is that when you just start using the unit, it’s about learning the Quick Coherence Technique through the coaching tips at the bottom and simply following the breathing pacer. To keep it interesting, there are three different types of pacers with different graphics, so you can find the one that you like best.

      After some practice you don’t need to look at the screen anymore, but simply practice with your eyes closed, because you know what you experience when you are in Coherence. Then the objective is simply to gain as much coherence as you can, which you can always review at the end of your session.

      You’re right that the brain will go in low coherence, which causes us to lose our clarity of thought, and suddenly we may find ourselves running around aimlessly and draining our energy at the same time. The thing is that many people don’t know when they are experiencing triggers or stress. When our brain is not working optimally trying to remember to practice with the Inner Balance is hard for most people, because as you say, it’s not in their believe system or unconscious mind.

      However, what we have found through our research is that when people practice regularly during the day, it does become part of the unconscious mind and more than that, it actually changes our stress baseline. What we used to become stressed about no longer triggers us and you find that those stressful situations become fewer. And when you do happen to get triggered, it feels so different from how you normally feel, that you automatically start using Heart Focused Breathing, which is taught in the app, to help bring more balance in your system.

      With regards to the sounds, excellent: it sounds like you’ve found a way that works for you. Some people enjoy hearing all the sounds, personally I prefer hearing none. Luckily the settings in the app allow you to personalize your preferences, as well as adding your own music and picture to help you enjoy your Inner Balance Sensor more.

      Thank you again for your feedback, g3niuZ, we appreciate it.

      • g3niuZ

        Your feedback system IS rudimentary and there is no reason, to give a feedback for low coherence. With the EmWave you can silence the low coherence feedback, but not with the inner balance. You have to train tooo much and noone is interested in looking minutes on the screen, why good soundfeedback is important.

        If you close your eyes, you go automaticly in Alphastate, which release stress and if you focus on breath, it intensiv … for this, i dont need inner balance or emwave.

        I think you dont understand what i exactly mean and also what i told you with overlay positiv emotions as a fake-function to the underlying emotions which goes with survivalresponse.

        I have tested EmWave and Inner Balance … Inner Balance dont work, cause bad feedbackfunction as i told you (noone wants to stare on the phone for minutes. And if you are in Context with a survivalsituation cause of unconscious trauma and something else, you WILL SWITCH again in stress, no matter how long you sit with closed eyes and anchor positiv emotions.

        Therefore it is important NOT TO FOCUS postiv emotions, it is important to VIEW the negativ emotionas IN the situation and get a effectiv feedback in the situation to go in coherence.

        What you do is “positiv thinking”, which only works temporarily at the moment but will not change the deep reaction pattern in the survival situation.

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