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Learning Options:

e-learning - Revitalize You!™

Revitalize You! combines e-learning with the emWave®2 and trains you to respond differently to stress while increasing your energy and improving your sleep. Revitalize You! is a self-paced 5 week e-learning program that combines video instruction, quizzes worksheets, and the award winning emWave technology with highly effective HeartMath techniques for managing stress and building resilience. More info

Personal and individualized 1:1 instruction

HeartMath's 1:1 Provider courses are designed for individualized instruction in HeartMath's scientifically validated coherence building techniques and emWave technology. You'll work with one of our highly skilled Licensed HeartMath 1:1 Providers as you learn to effectively integrate and apply various aspects of the HeartMath System to your everyday life. You'll learn how to achieve and sustain a greater overall sense of well-being, increase your mental clarity, enhance your performance, improve your health, create more satisfying relationships and effectively reduce your stress. Our 1:1 Providers offer these courses either by phone or face to face. Fees and materials vary. Visit our HeartMath Providers website to find the right coach and program for you.


“People have, for centuries, talked about and told others to "follow your heart." Why? Because people instinctively know that their heart’s intuition yields the highest outcome

Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath, as written in his article Heart-Based Living

HeartMastery is an online/tele-training program validated by cutting-edge heart/brain science which:

  • Introduces you to the power, intelligence, and potential within your own heart
  • Empowers you to lead a life you truly love
  • Supports you to live life from inner-knowing, genuine care and purpose
  • Gives you a step by step process and community in which to create a heart-based world

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HeartMath has joined forces with organizations and professional trainers to make our world-renowned coherence building technology available to the public. These workshops include coherence building techniques for quick and sustainable stress reduction. You'll also learn the science behind the HeartMath System and see in real time how your emotions impact your body.

Transforming Stress , Transforming Lives, the HeartMath Solutions 3-1/2 hour Workshop

This high impact program provides simple, proven tools and technologies that can be implemented in real-time to reduce stress and help retrain the human stress response to healthier, more productive function. Case studies and clinical outcomes of HeartMath programs will be presented. The program consists of a three-hour workshop with each participant receiving the emWave®2 to learn how to identify and transform the stress response. This workshop is given at Stanford University, Palo Alto CA – More info

Learn to Use your emWave Product:

To start using your emWave Personal Stress Reliever (PSR), emWave®2 or emWave Pro and to get answers to your question about emWave and Coherence, join us on our free one-hour teleclasses.

emWave2 call - Tuesdays at 12:00 Noon, Pacific Time Zone
(712) 775-7100 pin code 107309#

emWave Pro call - Wednesdays at 2:00PM, Pacific Time Zone
(712) 432-0075 pin code 651449#

Listen to archived audio recording of emWave PSR Orientation and emWave Pro Orientation Classes

Inner Balance, emWave2 & emWave Pro Video Instruction

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