Staff Retention and Development Program

Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA) and other Metrics

Measures physical stress symptoms, psychological health, resilience, emotional competencies, organizational climate and work performance.

Leadership Training

Workshops and individual coaching for leaders/executives.

Licensing and Internal Trainer Training

License internal trainers to deliver HeartMath workshops to staff.

Staff Training

Internal trainers roll out program to staff.

Project Manager Support

Maintain project momentum, staff engagement, and excellent outcomes.

Customer Support Visits

Work with key staff, review results and next steps. Support internal trainers.


Program Components

Transforming Stress Workshop, Levels 1 through 4:

This workshop presents HeartMath research on the physiology of stress and performance and introduces tools and technology to reduce stress, increase performance and manage challenges. The primary application is to successfully manage stress and maintain balance and clarity while meeting the daily challenges of delivering quality care. Key HeartMath research concepts are presented to demonstrate the importance of physiological coherence on performance, health and emotional well-being.

Participants leave the program with simple and practical tools to utilize immediately and with personal experience to validate their effectiveness. By the end of the program, participants will be able to quickly re-calibrate their physiology back to a balanced state (as measured by heart-rate variability) after a stressful situation.

Transforming Stress, Level 5 Coherence Session:

After the initial workshop, many participants will readily use the tools to manage recurring challenges at home and work. This 2 or 3 hour session, delivered two weeks after the first workshop, focuses on building effectiveness in specific work applications.

Teams will see the relationship between the individuals’ practice and the ability of the team to accomplish more, in less time, with less effort. With increased practice of the tools, the participants are better equipped to maintain their emotional balance and mental clarity during stressful situations.

Unit Champions:

Provide support in the application of the HeartMath tools with specific application to work issues and job challenges.

Transforming Teams Workshop – Advanced Techniques for Leaders:

A HeartMath Master Trainer will provide selected leaders with advanced tools to increase the health and performance of the organization. Creating a coherent leadership is an essential step toward eliminating the emotional virus and transforming a hospital’s culture. Coherence promotes creativity and builds flexibility during times of change and growth. Guidebook provided.

Internal Trainer Prerequisites:

All internal trainer candidates are to complete the following prerequisites prior to participating in the 4½-day licensing program.

Internal Trainer Licensing Program – in Boulder Creek, California:

After completing the prerequisites the internal trainer is qualified to attend the 4½-day licensing program in residence at the Institute of HeartMath Research and Conference Center to receive in-depth training on how to teach the HeartMath tools in a classroom setting. All meals, lodging and materials are included.

Sustainability Coaching for Internal Trainers:

Pre-training education and coaching: four 1-hour sessions weekly: A HeartMath Master Coach provides the Internal Trainers with individual tele-coaching to apply HeartMath tools to work-life situations. Through discussion, internal trainers become more aware of the beneficial results achieved from using the tools and how rapidly perception shifts when physiology is changed. This strong foundation of personal experience enables them to be a more effective trainer.

Post-training education and coaching: four 30-minute sessions monthly: These 30-minute sessions provide the Internal Trainer the opportunity to share challenges and successes as they gain experience with the tools and to receive coaching regarding trainer issues and job challenges.

On-site Internal Trainer Observation Session:

A HeartMath Master Trainer observes the internal trainers as they deliver a HeartMath workshop to staff members. Two trainers are observed per day, and are provided with constructive feedback and ideas to improve their delivery.

Training Technology – Software and Hardware for Biometric Feedback:

The emWave® Personal Stress Reliever and the emWave® PC Stress Relief System enable participants to observe and control real-time changes in their heart-rate variability. They facilitate practice of the HeartMath tools to reduce stress. Units are placed in locations around the hospital to encourage staff use.

Quality Assurance:

The goals of the Quality Assurance module are to support the leadership in reaching their desired outcomes, and to enhance the use of HeartMath tools in the hospital’s culture. This module includes benchmarking against other organizations’ best practices. Also, daily Heart Quote reminders and weekly Inner Quality Management Tips are emailed to HeartMath-trained staff.

Measurement Tool:

Program effectiveness will be assessed through analysis of pre- and post-training measurements. The Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA) is a validated and normed assessment tool designed by the Institute of HeartMath to provide a broad overview of personal and job-related constructs.

This 80-question survey measures physical stress symptoms, psychological health, resilience, emotional competencies, organizational climate and work performance. Examples of these constructs are:

Aggregate group results only are reported.


For more information contact:

Robert Massy, Ph.D
Director of Health Care Systems
Telephone: (800) 450-9111, Ext. 723 (Toll-Free)
Telephone: (831) 338-8700, Ext. 723 (International)

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