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Developing leadership skill and effectiveness has never been more critical, and perhaps never more challenging. The speed of business, the pace of change within the healthcare industry, and the unpredictability of so much of it are creating pressures to perform at every level of organizations. Leaders now must not only manage physician, staff, and patient expectations, they must lead others with skill, compassion and grace, while at the same time managing themselves. In addition, many leaders face the difficult situation of being promoted to positions whose complexity challenges the very talents that got them where they are.

Each stage of leadership represents increased complexity and requires new awareness, new intelligence, and new skill. The ability to maintain focus and clarity -- even under extreme pressure -- is what science calls coherence.

Through more than a decade of research, HeartMath has discovered that coherence is at the heart of both personal and organizational growth and success. Coherence is focus, clarity, and synchronization. It is essential within the individual, within the organization and within markets. At the individual level coherence is the synchronization of mind and heart – intellect and emotion. At the organizational level coherence creates a balance between operational pressures with exceptional patient outcomes and staff satisfaction. With patients, it creates a sense of emotional connection and value. And, finally, coherence allows the leader to find clarity in the midst of chaos. It starts with the individual.

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