ABL 2011 Innovations in Healthcare Awards Finalist
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Stress has been well documented to both increase the risk of disease and to negatively impact work performance. High levels of emotional distress have been found to be among the most costly health problems to employers in terms of claim costs, absenteeism, disability, customer satisfaction and failure to meet productivity standards.

HeartMath has been great. It has made me more aware of what is going on in my body when I am stressed and how to make adjustments to stay more productive.

Revitalize You! Program Delivers Proven Results
HeartMath's two decades of peer-reviewed research and case studies document rapid and sustained improvements in stress, health, well-being, performance, and vitality.


Client Data Shows Benefits in One Year


Essential Hypertension Costs:

  1. 22% decrease in cost of HeartMath cohort
  2. 47% increase in cost for non-HeartMath cohort

Pharmacy Costs:

  1. 7.9% increase in cost of HeartMath cohort
  2. 13.3% increase in cost for non-HeartMath cohort

First Year ROI = 1.95 : 1, projected second year ROI = 3.9 : 1

  1. Annual Savings per HeartMath participant = $585

...  I have a very stressful job and it is great learning how to deal with my stress and reduce it to be more productive. Bottom line, I am very impressed with the [Revitalize You!] program and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the great program.

Margaret Lawrence
Team Lead, Travelocity Business

"HeartMath has given us a double bottom line. It has reduced medical costs and it has provided our pastors with the ability to deal with stress in a very positive and productive manner. The program has clearly exceeded our expectations."

- Woody Bedell, Director RCA Board of Benefits Services

  • Five 1–hour self–paced sessions teaching more than ten health–promoting HeartMath tools and techniques
  • The award-winning emWave2® — engaging technology for real–time monitoring and coaching
  • Weekly quizzes, online support and email coaching
  • Online application, registration and surveys
  • Biometric (optional) and psychometric measures to validate program effectiveness
  • 1-year alumni program
  • Full technical support


Complimentary webinar
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A Cost-Effective Approach
Revitalize You! is a cost-effective and innovative approach to increasing your employees' health and productivity that can be introduced across broad populations and easily integrates with existing wellness initiatives.

Our flagship classroom programs can be blended with the online to create a more interactive experience.

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