HeartMath Programs for Developing Coherent Leadership

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Aligning mind and emotion to achieve powerful business results

Coherent Leadership

Developing leadership capacity, resilience, and effectiveness has never been more challenging. How we navigate through this intense pace of life impacts the health, resiliency and performance of ourselves, our families, our colleagues and the growth of our organizations.

Leaders now must not only manage shareholder, market and customer expectations, they must lead others with skill, compassion and grace, while at the same time managing themselves. Each stage of leadership represents increased complexity and requires new awareness, new intelligence, and new skill. The ability to maintain focus and clarity -- even under extreme pressure -- is what science calls coherence. HeartMath leadership programs help leaders develop the coherence required to lead now and into the future.


Objectives of HeartMath Leadership programs:

  • Learn and apply HeartMath research, tools and technology
  • Gain skill in the application of the techniques and technology to current challenges, situations and relationships
  • Improve health and performance outcomes through neutralizing the stress response in the moment and shifting to a more productive, dynamic response
  • Anchor the ability to maintain emotional balance and mental clarity under pressure

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic
  • Recalibrate your system after a stressful episode
  • Boost your performance and quality of life
  • Be less reactive, think learly and make better decisions under pressure.
  • Boost your own internal “coherence,” to enhance productivity, communication skills, and personal satisfaction

The process of shifting into a coherent state is facilitated by assistive feedback technology—the award‐winning emWave (both handheld and Desktop systems) ‐ key components in the success of the HeartMath program. The emWave(handheld) was the winner of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Last Gadget Standing People’s Choice Award competing with over 150 products from electronic icons such as Motorola, Fujitsu, Eye‐Fi and Panasonic.

The HeartMath system can be delivered to your leaders in three ways:

1. Revitalize You! video-based e-learning program – an engaging five-week, self-directed program. Click here to learn more. 
2. Revitalizing Performance - Building Resilience and Transforming Stress – a high impact classroom workshop. Click here to learn more.
3. Executive Readiness – individual telephonic training and coaching program. Click here to learn more.

For more information contact:

Sibyl Cryer
Director, Corporate Programs


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 831-338-8747

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