Bruce Cryer: Global Director - HeartMath HealthCare

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Bruce Cryer has stepped into a new role as Global Director - HeartMath HealthCare in order to recognize his passion and commitment to health care and patient care and his desire to focus his efforts into this area.

Bruce Cryer"Many friends and colleagues around the world are aware that the last two years have been personally challenging because of various health issues I have faced. Fortunately these challenges are now behind me and I'm feeling reenergized and more passionate than ever about the impact HeartMath can make in the world. As I reflected during the various phases of the healing process, I realized which areas of my work at HeartMath were most deeply aligned with my heart, and where I also felt I could make the greatest difference in the world.

For many years I have felt a deep connection with our work in health care, and that resonance and sense of urgency have only deepened in the last two years of being a ‘reluctant patient’. Similarly I have been inspired over the last twenty years to be closely involved in the expansion of HeartMath's work globally, so that people outside America could benefit from these life-changing tools and technologies. It is these twin passions of health care and our global expansion that most inspire me at this time.

I am grateful for the support HeartMath is giving me to work more deeply in these areas."

Bruce Cryer
Global Director - HeartMath HealthCare

For twenty years, Bruce has been instrumental in helping the HeartMath organizations grow from a start-up to an emerging company with a global impact. By taking on this new and vital role Bruce will dedicate time to share HeartMath programs and their applications to communities, institutions, patients, and health care systems worldwide. Everyone at HeartMath thanks Bruce for his dedication to HeartMath and is grateful for his continuing passion in advancing HeartMath programs and goals throughout the world.  

HeartMath is also pleased to announce that Deborah Rozman, CEO of Quantum Intech Inc. (dba HeartMath Inc), the parent company of HeartMath LLC, has also been appointed CEO of HeartMath LLC. The team at HeartMath congratulates Bruce and Deborah and supports them in their new roles and desire to touch more lives with HeartMath.

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